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Urban Value Corner Stores: The Future of Convenience Stores

The Urban Value Corner Store is a new model of convenience store popping up in cities across Texas. This model aims to provide customers with a convenient location within high-density apartment communities for traditional convenience store items and healthier alternatives, pet food, and ready-to-go meals. The key difference between this store and a traditional convenience store is its focus on the residents' living experience.

The Rise of Neo-Convenience

Neo-convenience stores are becoming popular for consumers looking for a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. These stores offer a wide range of products, including healthy grab-and-go food, organic produce, premium wines, and errand staples such as eggs and milk. They also stock a wide selection of beer, one of the most commonly purchased items in c-stores.

In addition, neo-convenience stores are typically smaller than traditional c-stores, making them more convenient for urban shoppers. And many of these stores offer on-site coffee bars, bakeries, cafes, or grills, further enhancing the shopping experience. As a result, neo-convenience stores are an appealing option for high-density apartment complexes looking to add more value for residents.

Shop Local

Neo-convenience stores often seek out products that are sourced close to home. In Urban Value Store's example, they seek out local vendors from the Farmers Market and invite them to sell their products inside their store. This accomplishes two major objectives. First, allowing precious shelve space for a local entrepreneur to promote their product is a win/win for Urban Value and the product owner. Second, residents love to shop and support local. Having these items just steps away from the residents' front door is extremely important.

In an increasingly globalized world, local-first convenience stores offer a refreshingly local alternative. The appeal of these stores lies in their ability to offer consumers convenient access to ethically and sustainably produced products. By supporting local businesses and producers, these stores also help to boost the local economy and create new jobs.

Urban Value Corner Stores loves supporting Texas-made products for the local community.

Benefits for Residents

Urban Value Corner Stores offer a convenient, one-stop shopping experience to the residents they serve. They provide a wide range of products and services, including groceries, household items, and even personal care products.

In addition, Urban Value Stores are typically located in high-density apartment communities, making them easy to access for busy consumers. And because they are smaller than traditional supermarkets, Urban Value stores can offer more personalized service. As a result, customers can enjoy a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.

Benefits for Business Owners

Urban Value Corner Stores are a great option for apartment complex owners and developers looking to provide their tenants with convenient access to essential goods and services. These stores offer a wide variety of items, including groceries, household items, and personal care products, all at competitive prices.

Zero Cost Solution

Urban Value Store offers a unique solution with zero costs to business owners for fixtures, inventory, technology, and labor. The store design complements the local architecture, with high ceilings and LED lighting. Attractive merchandise displays will help to increase foot traffic.

Getting daily staples, beer/wine, pet food, snacks, over-the-counter medications, and freshly brewed coffee in one convenient location will be appreciated by your residents with no costs incurred by the property developer for the product.

Urban Value has invested in one of the leading providers of cloud-based POS software systems, which allows the company to provide residents with a better product selection that is custom to their needs within the community they live in. The best part is that this technology has zero costs to the property developer.

Founder and CEO of Urban Value Steve McKinley said, "We believe that by creating a great experience for your residents, they will, in turn, create a great community. To accomplish this, we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff members dedicated to providing the best possible service. As a result, we are able to offer amenities and services that are tailored to the specific needs of each community."

Labor costs are not passed on to property developers.

The Future of Convenience

As the neo-convenience sector continues to grow, communities still have many opportunities to enter the market. This is because, while there are more options for healthy, convenient food than ever, most communities still lack sufficient choices. This is especially true in rural and suburban areas, where the number of neo-convenience stores is typically much lower than in urban areas.

Entrepreneur Steve McKinley has created a unique vision that provides developers with a significant opportunity. Urban Value stores offer a remarkable opportunity to attract new, upscale customers--and improve the quality of life for the communities. With a relatively small footprint of these stores to pilot this unique concept, multi-unit developers and owners can quickly add an amenity that all residents will appreciate.

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