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Employee Spotlight: Michaela Williams and Kelvin Osborne

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Urban Value Corner Store's quarterly spotlight on our apartment amenities program

Improving The Living Experience Of The Residents' We Serve

At Urban Value Corner Store, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated and passionate team. Today we want to shine a spotlight on two of our outstanding employees: Michaela Williams and Kelvin Osborne. We spoke with them to learn more about their journey at UVCS and their perspectives on their roles. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to providing exceptional customer service make a difference in our stores and the lives of our customers every day.

Employee Spotlight
Urban Value Corner Store

Michaela Williams: An Energetic and Enthusiastic Team Member

Since joining our store team in June 2022, Michaela Williams has become integral to our success. Her ability to quickly learn customers' names and engage with them personally has earned her constant praise for her customer service skills. Michaela has brought her high energy, enthusiasm, and "go the extra mile" work ethic to several of our store locations, leaving a lasting impact wherever she goes.

Originally a customer of Urban Value, Michaela was drawn to our positive atmosphere, happy employees, and company values. When asked about her decision to join UVCS, Michaela said, "I was originally a customer of Urban Value. I was drawn to its positive atmosphere and the happy employees who were always willing to help. My experiences here left a lasting impression on me and sparked my interest in wanting to be a part of the company. Upon researching the company, I was attracted to its values and impact on its customers and community and knew it would be a perfect fit for me."

She stays motivated by supporting her coworkers, watching them thrive, and enjoying the satisfaction of helping the residents we serve daily. "Supporting coworkers and watching them thrive and succeed in their growth is a source of inspiration and motivation," Michaela shared. "Receiving positive feedback from management and recognition for hard work keeps me feeling fulfilled at my job. And, of course, the satisfaction of helping the residents we serve every day!"

For Michaela, the best parts of her job include the supportive work environment and building rapport with customers. "Having a supportive and positive work environment with my coworkers and customers. Being able to build rapport with customers to provide them with personalized service and experiences. The most rewarding feeling is seeing a first-time customer become a long-term regular."

To those considering a position at Urban Value, Michaela highly recommends joining our team if you are passionate about customer service and interested in a rewarding role with plenty of growth opportunities. "I would highly recommend pursuing a position at Urban Value if you are interested in a fulfilling and rewarding customer service role. As an employee, you are not just another number here but an integral part of the company's success. As Urban Value continues to grow, there are many opportunities for advancement and career development with a very supportive team to help you in your path."

Kelvin Osborne: A Veteran Retailer with a Winning Attitude

Kelvin Osborne, a veteran retailer with 25+ years of experience, has brought his valuable insights and expertise to the Urban Value Corner Store team. He was handpicked to run one of our most visible locations and has played a significant role in strengthening our amenity program for developer partners.

Kelvin is known for going above and beyond to serve our residents, earning him a stellar reputation within the community. We are delighted to see how he has embraced our ASAP customer service philosophies and look forward to his continued success at UVCS.

Kelvin was initially attracted to Urban Value Corner Store after walking in one day and experiencing our inviting atmosphere, cleanliness, and excellent merchandising. "I walked into UVCS one day and was blown away by how the store felt. Inviting, nice and clean, and well-merchandised, and I also received a nice warm welcome. I said to myself, this is a place I would love to work at, and the rest is history," Kelvin recalled.

He enjoys developing close personal relationships with residents and turning every interaction into a joyful experience. "Developing a close personal relationship with each resident and being able to turn every interaction into a memorable and joyful experience is the best part of my job," Kelvin shared.

Driven by the opportunity to learn from company leaders and be part of a winning team, Kelvin urges others to consider joining UVCS. "What keeps me driving forward in my role is having a personal relationship with the leaders of this company, learning from them, and being able to share my ideas and thoughts. Using my experience to help the company thrive and being part of a winning team keeps me driving forward."

When asked what he would say to someone considering working for UVCS, Kelvin enthusiastically replied, "I wanted to get with a company that would allow me to grow with them, and UVCS has allowed me to do just that. I've been in retail for over 25+ years. If you like working with people and getting to know new faces, UVCS is for you. Having a close friendship with residents you see every day, they become like family, knowing you can brighten up someone's day each time they walk in the store. If you have a positive spirit, energy, and a big smile, Urban Value Corner Store is for you!"

A Dynamic Duo Making A Difference

Michaela and Kelvin's stories are excellent examples of the type of employees that make Urban Value Corner Store a thriving company. Their passion, dedication, and commitment to delivering top-notch customer service set the bar high for the rest of the team.

Michaela and Kelvin emphasize the importance of building relationships with customers and creating memorable experiences for them. The combination of their experience and enthusiasm has undoubtedly contributed to the growth and success of UVCS.

As we continue to expand and serve more communities, we are grateful to have individuals like Michaela and Kelvin representing our brand and values. Their hard work, perseverance, and positive attitudes inspire their colleagues and make a lasting impact on our customers.

To anyone considering a career with Urban Value Corner Store, we welcome you to join our team and contribute to our mission of providing exceptional customer service in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. As Michaela and Kelvin have shown, the opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment are abundant, and we look forward to supporting your journey with us.

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