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Mosaic - Downtown Dallas 

Where local convenience meets urban space. Urban Value Corner Stores enhances the community by bringing fresh food to the growing urban spaces of Dallas, Texas. We promote healthy options and locally sourced items including:

  • Beer, Wine, and Hard Seltzers

  • Artisanal Cheeses & Meats

  • Energy, Soda & Protein Drink

  • Fresh Coffee

  • Grab-and-Go Meals 

Luxury Amenities That Make A Difference in Downtown Dallas

We are the go-to corner store for the busy urbanite looking for the freshest food as close to the doorstep as possible. This is just one perk out of the countless associated with modern apartment living. Long gone are the days of lugging your groceries on various forms of transportation, which we can all agree is the worst after a long work day. 

As more people choose to live in apartment communities, the important topic of amenities always pops up, including the location of basic necessities. Residents can now rely on Urban Value Corner Stores to be there for the gallon of milk you ran out of or the bottle of wine when guests pop over unexpectedly. After all, life is already unpredictable; let us simplify it for you. 

We also understand the importance of convenience and make it a priority to offer fresh groceries and even essential household items like:

  • OTC Medications

  • Pet Snacks & Toys

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Texas-Made Food Products 

Urban Value Corner Store Logo

Our Mission For The Downtown Dallas Community

Also known as the Central Business District, Downtown Dallas is the second largest business district in Texas! With such a large and historical following, Downtown Dallas is the perfect location for many residents and tourists to spend time. This area boasts bike trails, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, and the AT&T Discovery District among many other sports and performing arts offerings. 


This location is tied to the Mosaic Dallas, the most amazing luxury apartments Downtown Dallas holds. Your convenience is our mission, so whether you’re getting ready to hit the town for some shopping or trying a new restaurant that just opened, we have whatever else you may need. 


Perhaps you want to have a night in with some friends but don’t want to venture out to the store after a long week? Never fear, your local Urban Value Corner Store is here! We have your favorite beverage and snack options for you and your guests (even your pets, too!) to enjoy before a night on the town. While the Downtown Dallas area has almost too many things to enjoy, we have everything else you may need!


Fun Fact(s): The Dallas Arts District is the largest urban arts district in the U.S. and the AT&T Stadium (home to the Cowboys since 2009) is the world’s largest column-free room! Now you can impress all your friends at trivia night!

Helping Developers Build A Better Community in Downtown Dallas

On the developer side, we ensure no on-going costs are incurred to the property developer. Each Urban Value Corner Store is set up to provide services and run without relying on ownership for assistance.  Developers will be able to appreciate the convenience of local without incurring any costs for technology, labor, or licensing. We obtain all beer/wine and tobacco permitting along with state/city licensing, so there is no need to worry about the laborous process of set-up. 

Every Urban Value Corner Store is infused with the character of the local community to highlight our dedication to the people we serve. At every one of our locations, you can expect quick service, friendly faces, and an emphasis on community. We’re always working to make a difference in the lives of our customers. Please join us as we build a new generation of community offerings for all to enjoy. 

Do you have the perfect location for an Urban Value Corner Store? We’d love to hear about it!




Convenience just steps away.

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