Amenity Services

Urban Value Corner Store - Will be the best amenity your community can offer to your residents.  All of our services can be provided to your development at no cost.  Let's start the conversation today!

Zero Costs For Fixtures

Urban Value Store will absorb all the costs of the merchandise fixtures that display the products for your residents.  Our store design compliments the local architecture - high ceilings, LED lighting with attractive merchandise displays.

Zero Costs For Inventory

No costs will be incurred by the property developer for the product that is highlighted for our amenity.  Your residents will appreciate getting fresh, locally made food, daily staples, beer/wine, pet food, snacks, over-the-counter medications, and freshly brewed coffee in one convenient location

Zero Costs For Technology

We have invested in one of the leading providers of cloud-based POS software systems.  Allowing us to provide your residents a better product selection that is custom to their needs within the community they live in.  Zero costs to the property developer for this technology

Zero Labor Costs

No labor cost will be passed along to the property developers of the communities we partner with.  Our number one mission is to provide the best amenity your residents will have in their community.  We accomplish this with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.  Some of which are actual residents of the community we serve

Key National Vendor Agreements Completed

Urban Value Store has developed solid relationships with some of the largest distributors in the nation.  These relationships will allow us to provide name brand products specifically catered to your resident's desires

Zero Costs For Licenses & Business Permits

Urban Value Store will obtain all beer/wine permitting, tobacco permitting and State/City licensing to operate within your community at no cost to the developer

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